Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m new to this world. How do I buy medical marijuana?

First things first, you need a medical cannabis card to buy legal marijuana in New Jersey, provided by New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program. The first step is to visit a Medicinal Cannabis Program (MCP) physician—you can start by asking your regular doctor if they’re in the MCP—and receive a referral to the program for your qualifying condition.

In order to get the card, you must have a “bona fide relationship” with the physician who is registered with the MMP. You also need to be a New Jersey resident, and to have been diagnosed with a qualifying health condition.

Before I take that step, can you tell me whether I’m eligible for a medical cannabis card in New Jersey?

To become a registered patient with the Medicinal Cannabis Program, you must:

There is a $100 fee to register and get a card; there are some discounts available.

Can I buy medical marijuana at multiple dispensary locations?

You can choose any dispensary in New Jersey (the state technically calls dispensaries like us Alternative Treatment Centers [ATCs], but you can only be registered with one location at a time. If you want to change where you’re registered, there’s no cost to do so).

Can I enter the HoneyGrove dispensary without a card?

No, you cannot walk into any New Jersey medical marijuana dispensary without an MCP card. And when you come, you need to bring proper identification, including your MCP card, at all times. 

Is there any paperwork I have to do when I buy medical marijuana from HoneyGrove?

Yes, all patients are required to complete the New Jersey Compliance Documents. It takes about ten minutes on your first visit, and then when you’re registered with us, you’re all set for future visits.

Are there limits on how much medical marijuana I can buy?

New Jersey law requires that medical cannabis be packaged and sold only in 1/4 ounce or 1/8 ounce units. You can buy up to 3 ounces in a 30-day period.  

This does not apply to terminal patients, who have no purchase limit.

How do I pay?

HoneyGrove to provide specifics

  • Will you have an ATM onsite? Do you accept any electronic payments?


Does insurance pay for medical Marijuana?

No. Unfortunately, health insurance does not yet pay for medical marijuana.

Does New Jersey accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards?

The short answer is “yes,” but there’s some paperwork you need to do.  

First, the basics: New Jersey allows people who are medical marijuana patients in other states to be qualified patients in New Jersey for up to six months. Additionally, New Jersey now has reciprocity for out-of-state medical marijuana patients who have the same qualifications as New Jersey state resident MMJ patients. Reciprocity lasts for up to six months.

Now, the details: Before you can legally buy medical marijuana in New Jersey with an out-of-state medical card,  you must be authorized by a New Jersey medical marijuana physician. To do this, you’ll go through the same process as state residents who apply for the medical marijuana program (see above for some details). Once you receive physician approval, you’re entered into the state’s medical marijuana program registry. You’ll receive a medical marijuana card that is good for up to six months or the amount of time you will be visiting New Jersey, whichever is shorter. 

If you’ll be staying longer than six months, you should consider applying for a medical marijuana card as a full-time New Jersey resident. 

I’m a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient; how do I purchase medical marijuana for them?

Registered medical marijuana patients can have two caregivers if their condition renders them physically unable to go to a dispensary. Caregivers also have to register, and they need to have a caregiver card with them when they make their purchase, whether ordering online or buying in person.

As with patient registration cards, there is a $100 fee for the card, and there are some discounts available.

What is your return policy?

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Where am I allowed to consume marijuana in New Jersey?

Marijuana is decriminalized in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean you can just light up wherever you happen to be. You can legally use cannabis on your own property.

New Jersey state specifies that you can’t smoke marijuana “on a school bus, on public transportation or in a private vehicle while in motion. Additionally, no one may smoke medicinal marijuana on any school grounds or at any correctional facility, public park, beach, recreation center or other place where smoking is prohibited.”

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